Business book ghostwriter and writing coach

If you’re a speaker, a coach, a consultant or an expert, and you’re struggling to find the words and time to finally get your book out there, you’re in the right place.

There are two ways to bring your book to life with me: work with me as a ghostwriter, or as a book writing coach.

Ghostwriting Services

Want a stand-out business book with zero typing (and time)? Let me do that for you.

Experts like you are brilliant at developing your unique vision. You’re also skilled at putting it into practice with your clients and getting it across to your audience as a speaker. But in a book, it takes a special ability to communicate something to which you’re so close, especially as your readers can’t ask you questions as they go along.

And it also takes time. Time you haven’t really got. Or that could be more profitably spent on the core areas of your business – the bits only you can do.

This is where I come in. My clients tell me I have a natural talent for writing in their voice. I take your ideas, your vision and your thoughts, and turn them into your own clear and persuasive book. So you don’t have to!

Writing Coach Services – you want to write your book with an expert to help

On the other hand, if writing your book yourself is important to you, I’ll be your writing coach.

With me helping you along the way, there’ll be no need for you to wonder how to outline your book, or for you to get to the end of it only to question whether or not it’s the business builder you hoped it would be. The book you write with me as your mentor will be the ultimate expression of your vision and the way you work with your clients, communicated as your best writing self. Your message will come across so powerfully and persuasively your readers won’t help but take the action you want.

And writing it with me will be a lot more quick – and fun – than slogging through it on your own.

Ginny is excellent at structuring your ideas so that they’ll be easily digested by your ideal audience. Most people can write to some extent – but can they write something that is eminently readable and that helps your audience to achieve the learning you want for them and encourage them to take the next step with you? Ginny can. Una Doyle, Business Development Coach at Creative Flow

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How having a business book gets you seen, heard and hired

If you’re a speaker, a coach, a consultant or any other expert with a big message, you’ll already know youneed a book. Not only so you can help more people by reaching a wider audience, but also to build your credibility as a professional and become the ‘go to’ person in your niche. When you have a book, it’s like stepping onto a podium (without having to leave the spotlight at the end of the night).

Because then magical things happen:

  • Clients actively seek, and want to work with you (no more chasing customers)
  • Your new-found spotlight and credibility attracts opportunities and opens doors
  • You extend your audience way beyond the speaking circuit and your existing clients
  • Your income hits a higher level – through more speaking gigs, increased client fees or online sales

And, just as importantly, when someone at your next speaking engagement asks you if you’ve got a book, you can say, ‘Yes!’

Whatever you do, don’t let your competitor write the book that’s in your head.

So what’s the next step? If you’re serious about your book, please apply for a free Author Maker Strategy Session (worth £150/$250). I reserve a limited number of spaces each month for authors-to-be who want to know how to make their book a reality.