I’m Ginny Carter – The Author Maker


If you’re a speaker or a coach with a big message, and you’re struggling to find the words and time to finally get your book out there, I can help. What’s more, I will write it in your voice so that it comes authentically from you.

So how does having a book increase your business impact?

-          Instead of seeking clients, you become sought after

-          New opportunities come your way, that would never have found you had you not propelled yourself into the spotlight with your book

-          You can help and reach new people, extending your audience way beyond the speaking circuit and your existing clients

-          All this means you can raise your rates and skyrocket your sales

Ghostwriting Services

This sounds great, but there’s a problem, isn’t there? You’ve got that book in you, but how does it get out?

Experts like you are brilliant at developing your unique vision and putting it into practice with your clients, and when you’re speaking. But being clear on how to get across something that you’re so close to, to an audience who can’t ask you questions as you go along, takes a special skill.

And even when you’ve worked out how you’re going to structure your book, when are you going to find the time to write it? You could spend months getting up at 5.00 am to bash out those words, or you could spend a fraction of that time telling me all about it and letting me write it for you.

Book Coaching Services

Alternatively, if writing your book yourself is really important to you, you can use me as a sounding board. I’ll be your writing coach, encouraging you through the process and making sure that you’re getting your message across clearly and persuasively.

No more wondering if what you’re writing makes sense to anyone but yourself, or if people will be motivated to take notice of your message and take action. The book you write with me as your mentor will be the ultimate expression of your vision and your methodology, communicated as your best writing self.