Facebook - LikeFacebook has been rolling out some big changes recently.  Here’s how you can take advantage of two of them to make your Page more effective, and a reminder about an existing tool that not everyone makes the most of.  3 things to do on Facebook this week!

1) Facebook has now abandoned all rules regarding what goes on your cover image apart from the rule that you’re not allowed more than 20% text.  The text limitation obviously puts a bit of a brake on what you can do, but think laterally. Now you can promote your latest offer, put your website or contact details on there, have an arrow to the Like box (or to an app you have in the top row) asking people to take action.  And so on.

This great post by Mari Smith shows you some examples of what you can do, gives you a free checking tool for your 20% ratio, and also explains how the Facebook cover image will look once the new Newsfeed design is rolled out to all personal Facebook profiles.  Now is the time to revisit your cover image design in order to take advantage of these changes.

2) Turn on replies for your page.  Facebook has just made it possible to reply to individual comments on your page, and to have these threaded, rather than having to reply to ‘everyone’ who’s commented on one of your posts.  The most popular threads will be automatically shown at the top.  This is could be a great feature, although there are some doubters that feel it might be over complicated; time will tell.

In the meanwhile it’s a good idea to try it out; you can always change it back again if you want to.  To turn it on, go to Edit page at the top of your dashboard, then Manage permissions. The box to tick is near the bottom:

How to turn on Facebook replies

After it’s ticked, here’s an example of how it works.  This function is being rolled out, so you may not have it quite yet.

Example of Facebook page reply

3) Check your Insights.  Yes, those stats that you see in your dashboard!  If you click on ‘See all’ you can rank your posts by reach (how many people saw each post), engaged users (how many people clicked on it), talking about this (how many people commented on, shared or liked each post), and virality (the percentage of people who saw your post and then engaged with it).

If your fans are engaging with your posts, this activity spreads virally to their friends, which leads to more fans, more engagement and so on. So it’s important to know which of your post types is getting the most attention; is it status updates, photos, polls? Is time of day important?  By checking your Insights regularly, you can improve the effectiveness of your page.

So there we have it, 3 quick and easy things you can do to improve the effectiveness of your Facebook page. Do you have any other quick win ideas?