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6 simple ways to write a spellbinding business book


You know that feeling when you’re reading a book you can’t put down? The words seem to draw you in – it’s like magic.

And now, as you’re about to write your own business book, you want your readers to have that same sensation.

Absorbed. Engaged. Excited. So much so they’ll be recommending your book to everyone they meet.

But here’s the problem – you’re not a book writer. You can turn out your blog just fine, but you’re struggling […]

Why the bestseller myth will sabotage your business book


Numbers. Sales. Rankings.

That’s all anyone seems to care about when it comes to books. Is your book a bestseller? No? Then you might as well forget it and go home.

If you’re like many business authors you’re probably assuming your book needs to get that elusive ‘bestseller’ status to be a success. And that can feel pretty daunting. Far easier not to start in case you don’t sell thousands of copies when it’s finally done.

It’s enough […]

33 resources to help you self-publish your book like a pro


You’ve finally written your business book, or maybe you’re still polishing the edit. Congratulations!

But now you’re stumped. How the heck do you get it published? You’ve heard it takes months to get a traditional publisher (true), and you’re not sure you want to spend £££/$$$ on a partner publishing service.

Surely there’s a way of publishing your book yourself and staying in control of the process? You’re an entrepreneur after all. But where to start?

Once […]

How to wow your audience like Victoria Wood

If you’re anything like me you were so, so sad to hear about Victoria Wood’s premature death recently. She was one of those people who should have carried on being funny and sparkling forever. I grew up with her sketches, went to see her live, and loved the way she made me laugh while keeping her performance authentic and unpretentious.

She delivered her jokes with a smile, not a sneer. She forged her own path, being one of the first women […]

25 essential distractions for authors who’ll definitely start writing their book tomorrow


You’ve been putting it off for days. OK, weeks. Well, a couple of months actually – no make it three.

But today a client cancelled on you so you have two hours spare. There are no more excuses.

You go into your ‘Book’ folder, open up a fresh Word document, and dangle your fingers over your keyboard. It’s looking good.

Wait a minute. Did you forget to lock the back door when you came in? How about your […]

6 insider secrets to getting speaking gigs from your book

Having a book is one of the best ways to land yourself the speaking engagements you dream of, whether on or offline. When event organisers are considering speakers for events, your book will help you stand out from the crowd. Not only that, speakers with books always get paid more to speak – sometimes by twice as much.

But enough of the theory, you want to know how it works in practice. I’ve consulted a selection of successful […]

How to fool yourself into writing a book (even if you’ve not started)



You’re a coach or speaker with a huuuuge message to tell the world, and you know your book is the most brilliant way to do it. The thing is, though, it’s still a pipe dream.

You’ve started the first couple of chapters, but it’s not flowing.

You’re not sure if your big idea is … well … big enough.

And let’s face it, you’re just too dang busy to write it anyway.

Sigh. Another month goes by and you’re […]

3 steps to avoiding this business book mistake

As an established coach, expert or speaker, you want your new business book to be the one everyone raves about. The one people recommend to their friends, that brings new clients and speaking opportunities to you, and that gets all the fabulous five star Amazon reviews.

You’ve read somewhere you need to have a book outline, so you start off by creating one. Which isn’t a bad place to start (it’s certainly a lot better than launching […]

Ghostwriting: the expert’s success secret


I’m going to surprise you. Did you know it’s estimated that 50% of non-fiction bestseller books are written by ghostwriters, and that when a major celebrity or politician is involved, that figure can rise to near 100%? When you think about it, it makes sense. When someone’s capable of earning good money doing the thing they’re brilliant at, they’re hardly going to want to put their life and work on hold for three months or […]

Three magic ways to supercharge your business book writing


If you read my newsletter last week, you’ll know I went to snowy Finland over Christmas with my family. Snowshoeing, cross country skiing, sledging and husky sledding were the order of the week – what a fabulous time we had. But it was only after I’d featured those huskies in my newsletter that I realised what had been so inspiring about them.

We arrived at the husky farm to be greeted by amazingly friendly dogs, all wagging […]