We all know that it’s great to have testimonials on your website – they give proof to your potential customers that you can do a good job.  Sometimes we’ve all had a lovely mention on Twitter, and I’ve often thought ‘how could I make more of this apart from just retweeting it?’

Twitter testimonials can be especially useful as they are short, topical and already in the public domain (so you don’t need permission to add them to your site, although it would be polite to ask anyway).

Use Twitter Favourites to Display Testimonials

To use this method, use Twitter Favourites only for your testimonials.  To Favourite a tweet, hover your mouse over it and the favourite star appears.   Click it.

Twitter allows you to display your most recent Favourite tweets using a widget.  Every time you favourite a tweet it adds it to the feed on your website automatically.

How do I create my widget?

1)  Go to the Twitter Widgets Page.  Select ‘my website’ and then ‘faves widget’.

2)  Customise your widget heading, changing the title and the caption.

3)  Click ‘preferences’ to customise your widget preferences.   All the way through you can click ‘test settings’ to preview.

4)  Click ‘appearance’ to customise your widget to your site and brand colours.

5)  Click ‘dimensions’ to change the size of your widget as it appears on your website.

6)  Click ‘finish and grab code’ to finish setting up your widget.  Make sure you copy and paste the code into Notebook or Word or similar, as once you leave this page your settings will be lost.

7) Insert the code into the part of your website where you want it displayed.  I would recommend your home page or maybe your blog sidebar.

Voila!  This is something I will try out myself, and if you would like more information please do check out this fab Social Media Examiner  article which gave me the idea.

How do you manage your testimonials and make the most of them?  Any other ideas?