Google+ logoLots has been written about Google+ in the last couple of weeks, since they launched their new business pages.  And sometimes it feels like the whole world is talking about it.

Should you bother with a Google+ page for now? Well, I’ve created my page, if for no other reason than to start trying it out.

There are plenty of guides out there telling you how to set up a page, but I thought what  might be helpful, to give you with making up your mind, is a short list of the differences between Google+ and its far more familiar sister, Facebook.  Here they are:

 1) A Google+ page can only have one administrator, not multiple admins like Facebook.  Get around this by setting up a Gmail account just for the page, which others can have access to.

2)  The analytics for Google+ pages are much less advanced than Facebook’s.

3)  With Google+, you can follow your page’s fans back and add them to your circles.  This means that you can follow your fans’ updates, comments on their status messages and +1 their updates as your page.  With Facebook, the ability to interact individually with your fans isn’t there.

4)  You can connect your Google+ page to your website using Google+Connect, which will allow visitors to find your Google+ page and add it to their circles, directly from Google search results.

5)  Related to this, having a Google+ business page gives your website lots of Google search benefits.

6)  Google+ pages don’t receive email notifications, whereas Facebook pages do.

7)  The killer – there are millions more people on Facebook than Google+!

It’s still early days and I am sure that other differences will emerge.  You may have found out more yourself already.  But what’s clear is that there are more similarities than differences between the two.  They’re both called ‘pages’ after all.

You may find this Social Media Examiner post helpful as well.

Have you tinkered around with Google+ pages yet – what do you think?  Are there any points I’ve missed?  Do share.