Image of LinkedIn Those of you who have read some of my previous posts will know I’m a great fan of LinkedIn.  And now I would like to share with you some of the benefits of LinkedIn Today

What’s great about it is that it shows the latest industry news stories, which you can filter to be relevant to you, ranked by how often they have been shared, commented upon and liked by other LinkedIn members.  There’s no external curator, the LinkedIn members ‘decide’ what’s important.

If you click on a story, it will show you all the LinkedIn members who have commented on it, allowing you to find out who is active in your chosen field and potentially connect with them.  What’s more, you can share and comment on articles yourself, thus boosting your own profile in the process.

The best way to access LinkedIn Today is by clicking the News tab on your LinkedIn account, then select LinkedIn Today from the drop down menu.  Next, make sure to personalise your experience by selecting areas you are interested in, and sign up for the weekly or daily digest email.  To do this, go to your personal profile, click on your name at the top right above the search box, click on settings, then email preferences, then ‘set the frequency of emails’ and then ‘top articles news digest’.  Phew!

A really great and comprehensive article on how to get the best out of LinkedIn Today by Social Media Examiner can be found here.  Have you read LinkedIn Today yet?  How have you got on?  Any other hot LinkedIn tips you’d like to share?  Do comment below.