Picture of businessmen shaking hand through pcs

How relevant is social media for companies selling to other businesses (b2b)?  The answer is, VERY!  Often we think of Facebook pages, Twitter, YouTube and the like as primarily targeted at consumers, but b2b businesses are increasingly finding these tools indispensible.  And the reasons…

It’s personal.  Cold calling is never much fun and not always very successful, but making contact via Twitter is a lot more personal.  Twitter allows businesses to build up relationships built on trust and long term communication, then you can follow it up with direct contact.

It’s interactive.  You can have so much fun with your Facebook page, just be a little creative. Why not post some pictures of your customers or products, give some insights into your industry, ask questions?

You can position yourself as an expert in your field which is vital for b2b organisations.  Blogging is the best way to do this.  It’s about two way communication (attracting comments, commenting on other blogs), speaking about new areas in your world of business, and attracting new prospects.  It’s also great for search engine optimisation.

This doesn’t invalidate your website, on the contrary it adds to it by giving it extra depth.  Adding a Facebook like button and Twitter feed to your site will keep it fresh, get it up the search rankings, and give your potential clients extra routes into your business.  I love this wonderful example in Social Media Examiner of recycling firm ecycler (NOT the kind of business which you’d expect to be hot on social media) and how they use Twitter and Facebook to get new clients.