Blogging mistakes and how to avoid them

Hey, we all know how to write a blog don’t we?  Well, I’m sure we’ve all got a good idea, but I thought this list of common blogging mistakes might be of help.  Blogging is a really great way of keeping your website up to date and helping its search rankings, and it’s also fun to make your blog posts interesting for your readers.  Here’s how:

Don’t misunderstand what your readers are interested in.  Blogging can get a bit self indulgent if you’re not careful.  Put yourself in your readers’ shoes, what have they responded well to in the past and what might they like to read about now?

Don’t try to blog about everything.  You’ve got your area of expertise, stick to it!  That way your readers will know where to go when they want to find out about your niche.

Blog regularly.  It’s a lot harder not to bother with your blog when you set a regular schedule, and that way your readers will know when to expect your posts too.  I blog twice a week (three times if I’m feeling energetic!) and I stick to it.

Take care with your writing.  Sounds obvious, but do you use the spell check and read over what you’ve written?  Have you written it in an interesting and easy to understand way?

Don’t promote your business in your blog.  It’s bad manners and will just turn your readers off.  Much better to use your posts to display your expertise in your field, that way they’ll trust you when the time is right.

Tell people about your blog!  Post it on your Facebook page, Tweet it, connect it to your LinkedIn profile, use the material you’ve written to its fullest.  You’ve spent the time writing it so make the most of it.

Don’t neglect your blog SEO.  Tim Ware, owner of HyperArts Web Design, gives the following advice:  make sure your blog post has a) a descriptive, keyword rich title b) a ‘permanlink’ natural-language and keyword-rich url c) headers which have keywords relevant to their section, and d) anchor text (that’s the text that comes up when you hover over a link or image) that contains keywords relevant to what’s being linked to.

For more information please see this other blog post of mine on How to get your Blog Posts Ranking High.   Also this fab Social Media Examiner post which goes into more detail.  Happy blogging and please share your thoughts below!


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