Plan your business book in one week

Eliminate procrastination, uncertainty and hassle  - and get your book started fast

You’ve got a book for your business that’s waiting to come out. You can picture holding it in your hand. You feel a tingle when you think of the lives it’ll change. And you know being able to call yourself an author will put you straight into the spotlight.

But just thinking about writing a book sends you into a spin. Where do you start? How do you create your outline? And – the big one – how do you know you’re writing the right book in the first place?

This thinking manifests itself in things like making endless cups of coffee instead of getting started, or - at the opposite end of the scale - rushing in and running out of steam half way through.

Sound familiar?

You can get your book started WITHOUT feeling frustrated or unsure

I’ve got a simple, easy, and quick way for you to plan your book.

Until now, you probably thought the first step in writing a business book was to sketch out an outline and get stuck into Chapter 1. But the problem with that approach is it misses out some vital steps. This can lead to you going off track, with plenty of regrets later.

It's an easy mistake, and it's only because you’ve never written a book before. After all, did they teach you ‘book writing skills’ at school?

As a remedy, you might also have thought about hiring a book coach. But that seems a big commitment and you’re not sure if you’re ready for it.

So what else is there?

My easy ‘Get Your Book Started Fast’ email program

You’re in luck. Now you can get your book started fast in a way that keeps you motivated and on track. And that gives you every bit of information you need to plan the book that will change your business – and the lives of your readers – forever.

It’s an email course, with simple advice and audios every day for a week. Each email guides you through the steps to take for that particular aspect of planning your book, so you end up with a solid outline by the end of the seven days.

This means no procrastination, no giving up your book part way through, and no wishy-washy book content that appeals to ‘everybody and nobody’.

Because if you’re going to spend the time and effort required to write a whole book, you owe it to yourself to make it a brilliant one.

Leah Ruby

When I did this week long coaching program, I found Ginny presented her information in a concise, organized manner. Her daily audio recordings were informative, to the point, and easy to understand. I like Ginny's  down-to-earth and warm style. To top all this, she offered a half hour 1 on 1 coaching session as part of the program! Wow, what a bonus, as the cost of the program was so reasonable. If you are embarking on writing a book, I highly recommend this program to get your toes wet before you dive in!

Leah Ruby, Podcaster, therapist and coach

Who it’s for

If you’re an expert, a coach, a speaker, an entrepreneur, a thought-leader, or a consultant – this is for you.

It’s also for you if you want to use your book to raise your credibility so you can gain new (and better) clients and more visibility in your niche.

And if you just want to change the world? No problem, it’s for you too.

It’s NOT for you if you want to write a fiction book, or if your book isn’t associated in some way with your business or expertise.

Why Ginny Carter?

I’m a business book ghostwriter and book writing coach, and I’ve helped countless business authors get their profile-raising books out there.

When I see manuscripts which their authors have all but given up on in despair, it breaks my heart. Because the reason for 90% of them is that the book wasn't planned right in the beginning.

But I also know you want to get started fast. That's why I created this short, simple and easy program to help you.

What you get

A daily email for seven days, breaking down the book planning process into easy steps. Each email contains:

  • All the advice and tips you need for that section of your book plan
  • An audio talking you through it
  • A downloadable book planning template for you to fill in as you go

Having an email each day makes the whole thing so easy and simple, and the audio brings the learning alive. You only need to devote a few minutes to reading the email and listening to the audio, and then apply the lessons to your own plan.

You also get a half hour one-to-one call with me after the week is over, so you can talk through your plan and and get my expert feedback.

  • Benefit 1 - Eliminate procrastination and uncertainty about your book
  • Benefit 2 - Write the RIGHT book for your business - the one that will get you seen, heard and hired
  • Benefit 3 - Create a book that will make you proud
  • Benefit 3 - Daily email with audio keeps you on track

It's time!

Each day you put off starting your book is another day wasted. And each day you spend writing a book you haven’t planned well before beginning it, is effort gone in the wrong direction.

For just £27 + vat* you can get your book started fast. Just use the button below to receive your first email today.

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