Business Book Writing Coach

In these ‘business book writing coach posts’ I explain how you can make the process of writing a book feel less daunting by working with a book coach. A coach is someone who’s written plenty of books of their own, and who’s managed to unpick the process so they can help you do the same.
They’ll help you decide what kind of book to write for your business, create your outline with you, give you sound tips and advice on planning and writing, and hold your hand all the way through. They’ll also work with you to create a marketing plan and advise you on the different publishing routes, using their contacts to give you the best recommendations for professionals to help you complete your work. In my experience of coaching many clients through to publishing their books, the benefits they receive from the process are twofold: their motivation is kept high through the regular contact with their coach, and they end up with a more professional and well-written book than if they’d gone it alone. Learn more about working with a book writing coach by reading these posts.