Business Book Ghostwriting

In these ‘business book ghostwriting’ posts you’ll learn about how ghostwriting works and what it could deliver for you. Because there’s an alternative to you spending time at your keyboard writing, and that’s to work with a ghostwriter. This is more common than you might think; it’s estimated that 50 percent of nonfiction bestsellers are ghostwritten, and when a major celebrity or politician is involved the figure rises even higher. This makes sense. If you’re capable of earning good money doing what you’re brilliant at, you don’t want to put your life on hold for several months to write a book. Nor do you want to go through the learning curve of developing your writing skills and honing your craft. Let a ghostwriter take care of that instead. You’ll save time, money (yes, really), and end up with a book that’s beautifully written for your audience and in your voice. Learn more about how it works by reading my posts on business book ghostwriting.