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Business book ghostwriter and writing coach

You have the expertise, the ideas, and the vision, but you haven’t got the book.

The book that will shine a spotlight on you and get more clients saying ‘yes’. The book that will transform your business. The book that will send your insights and experience into the world.

Because there’s a problem. How do you find the time to write a book? Where should you start? And most importantly, how do you make sure it’s the best it can be?

It probably feels too hard to do it on your own. So your book stays unwritten and fewer people discover the interesting things you have to say. Or worse, you see one of your competitors publishing the book that’s currently in your head.

It’s wrong for a simple lack of time to stop you becoming a published author. I ghostwrite business books, self-help guides, and memoirs – of which some have become bestsellers – for experts like you. My ghostwriting services will help you to become a respected professional and in-demand speaker with the book that promotes your expertise and expands your business. Without you having to write a word.

“Ginny made the process of creating my book so easy. She collaborated with me and my team, working smoothly with everyone and taking on board all our ideas. The result is a book I’m really proud of, that’s both helpful to my readers and written in my voice.”

James Reed, Chairman of The Reed Group

There are two ways to bring your business book to life with me

Book Ghostwriting Services

Do you want a stand-out business book that puts your expertise out there, but with zero typing (and minimal time)? Let me do that for you.

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Book Coaching Services

If writing your business book yourself is important to you, I can be your book coach.

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