Book Proposal

Agents and traditional publishers demand a professional book proposal before they’ll consider your work.

But writing a proposal involves serious publishing and writing know-how.

For a start, you need the inside track on what publishers and agents are looking for in a proposal (and it’s not always what you think).  Next you have to write it so it reads persuasively. And finally you have to craft the right kind of covering email so it gets opened in the first place.

The average non-fiction  book proposal, including sample chapters, can be anything up to 20,000 words. That’s a lot of work.

Here’s where I come in.

I can write your business book proposal for you, including two sample chapters.

Your investment for this service starts at:

£1,500 + vat for a proposal with no sample chapters

£6,500 + vat for a proposal with two sample chapters

What you get

  • A 2 hour Skype session in which we pin down the strategy for your book. We get clear on your goals, your central message, your audience, and your content.
  • A further 2-3 hour Skype session in which we go through what publishers will want to know about you, and the content of your sample chapters.
  • I take the content of these calls to create a professionally written book proposal along with two sample chapters, ghostwritten in your voice.

What to do next

Head over to my contact page to let me know what you’ve got in mind, and we’ll take it from there.