Manuscript Review

Here’s where I give you the tools to perfect your manuscript so you feel confident enough to go to a publisher with it (or to publish it yourself). So you’ve written your book for your business (or got part way there) – that’s amazing!  I hope you’re feeling proud. But there’s something stopping you from going any further. You know it needs editing and revising, but how much? Is it giving out the right message to your readers? Would they enjoy it and find it a persuasive read? Would a publisher be interested in it? How do you know? It’s so hard to be objective when it’s your own book. That’s normal – all authors find it difficult to see the gold in their own work, as well as the bits that need improving. That’s why you need my manuscript review service.

What you get

A concise report which gives you the following essential feedback:

  • Key strengths and weaknesses (don’t worry, I’m honest but kind, and I’ll find strengths you didn’t know existed).
  • A breakdown of your market from a publisher’s perspective – essential whether you’re self-publishing or going for a traditional publisher.
  • An overview analysis of what your readers are likely to think and feel about it.
  • A clear set of 3 to 4 recommendations for you to follow to perfect your manuscript.

I don’t drown you with detail: your document will consist of approximately 3 pages of intensely useable feedback.

What it’s not

  • A detailed, page by page analysis of your manuscript. For that you need an editor (ask me if you’re not sure).

Your investment

£995 + vat

What next?

  1. Go to my contact page and tell me you’d like to take this service.
  2. I’ll give you an email address for you to send your manuscript to.
  3. We’ll set up a half hour call so I understand what you want to achieve with your book – that way I can critique your manuscript knowing your goals. (By the way, other manuscript review services usually miss this important step).
  4. I write your review and send it to you.
  5. You action my suggestions and end up with a fabulous book!

Sam Flynn – Social Media Trainer

Having Ginny read through my book manuscript was a vital part of my book’s success.  Having put so many hours in to writing it, I wanted to be sure that I had got it right, and that it was structured in the right way for a business book.  Ginny gave some solid advice that meant my book was far easier to read and more appropriate for my target audience.

I would definitely recommend anyone pouring hours and hours in to the writing of their book, to get Ginny to analyse the content and structure.


Mark Baldry


I know my subject and take great pleasure in writing about it. But the fact is, no matter how clear-headed we think we are, all authors can become too close to their subject. I sensed something wasn’t quite right about my manuscript, but I couldn’t see it. Ginny hit the nail on the head immediately. She not only gave specific advice on style and content, but – even more importantly in my case – sequence and structure. Her feedback is succinct yet sensitive, and her ability to stay focused on my target audience was beyond invaluable.

I cannot recommend Ginny’s advice highly enough. You may think you’ve got the perfect book, but my guess is Ginny’s input will add that magical something that will make all the difference to your success.