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Here are testimonials from some of my ghostwriting and coaching clients – I hope you enjoy reading them. As you can appreciate, many of my ghostwriting clients prefer to remain anonymous, so where that’s the case I’ve not included a photo or name.

Ghostwriting clients are first - please scroll down for my coaching clients.

Praise from my ghostwriting clients

Working with Ginny has been a fantastic experience. If you are looking for a ghostwriter who 'gets' your voice, shares your enthusiasm for your book, and offers great professional expertise and advice about the whole process, then Ginny is who you should contact.

​I chose Ginny as she was recommended by a publisher I know and trust. I was very impressed from the outset with her professionalism and obvious wealth of knowledge about how the process would work. I was a bit anxious about the idea of working with a ghostwriter at first as I wasn't sure how anyone could capture my voice with authenticity and write about a subject that isn't her area of expertise. Somehow, she does just that - after the first couple of chapters, I hardly made any revisions to the drafts that came back to me. Ginny met every deadline and also provided me with advice and support in areas that were outside of the contract. She made the whole process so easy and whilst I still had to do the work to structure my thoughts and provide the research and sources etc, she took away the time-consuming effort of having to write it up and edit. My 55,000 word book was written in 6 months and I am so happy with it. I would never have produced it without her.

Lucy Adams
HR Consultant

​It’s been a huge pleasure to work with Ginny on my client’s book. As a publisher, knowing we have a writer who will deliver great quality work, on time and within budget is a massive benefit, and Ginny has ticked all these boxes. However, it was Ginny’s author care that put the icing on the cake. From the start she listened carefully to her, made her feel looked after, and ‘got’ her voice very quickly. Despite being penned 100% by Ginny, the resulting book reads throughout as if it had been written by our author – something that’s not easy to achieve. All in all I’m mighty impressed and am hoping to do a lot more work with Ginny in the future.

Sue Richardson
publisher at Sue Richardson Associates

I have to admire Ginny's skill and the incredible speed with which she grasped the complexities of my story. She delivered my manuscript in a timescale I could never have done myself, and she put me at my ease throughout. I can't recommend her highly enough because of her professionalism, support, and skill. She's used those qualities to make my book dream come true.

Simon Fishel, 
scientist and entrepreneur

Ginny is a consummate ghostwriter, especially on business-related books.

She is sensitive to her clients' needs and to the content they want to convey.  She's incredibly effective and trustworthy, yet is able to capture the voice of her clients, and, better still, be creative in making excellent suggestions for how to develop and improve their manuscripts.  In short, Ginny is a pleasure to work with.

Robert Smith, 
Literary Agent 

I really didn’t know what to expect as this was my first book. I was excited but also full of apprehension. I know what I want to say but I’m not the most eloquent at migrating my verbal story into written work, I find this really challenging. Ginny made the whole process easy, she got me straight away and interpreted my story with accuracy and passion. She has inspired me to think about my next book . . . 

ghostwriting client 

Ginny's background in marketing meant she understood the audience we wanted to talk to and was able to define a strategy for our book that would meet our objectives. She crafted a manuscript that gave our part-formed thoughts and ideas shape in an informal and engaging style. Ginny's common-sense publishing experience and professionalism gave our project the discipline it needed - and we finally have a book out there in the world.

JH, ghostwriting client 

Congratulations – I found it lucid, assured, easy to read and easy to understand. It seems very logical in its approach. Also the tone is reassuringly positive. It is caring in a gentle, almost hand holding way, which feels totally appropriate for the people to whom it aimed. Above all it feels accessible and effective.

Literary agent

I wanted a book to capitalise on my appearance in a TV show, so I could promote my expertise in a particular area of my work. This was really important to me, as I was starting to build my professional reputation as an effective and caring therapist at a national level.

Although I’m ok with writing, I don’t have much patience for detail and am incredibly busy with my practice. I needed a ghostwriter who could take the thoughts out of my head and craft them in a book. My main concern was to find someone who I could trust to write in my voice, and who understood that it was more than just a book – it was a way for me to get better known for what I do.

I chose Ginny to ghostwrite my book, because she ‘got’ what I wanted and had the writing expertise I was after. She was incredibly easy to work with; I only spent a few hours with her on Skype and she produced my entire book from that.

The end result is a manuscript which is written as if by me, and which gives my readers the help they so desperately need. I’m delighted with the way it all hangs together, and it reads in just the right way.

In fact, I’m so pleased with it, I’ve asked her to ghostwrite my next book.

ghostwriting client 

I knew I had a book ‘in me’, but I struggled to get it ‘out of me’. I had issues with structure, but more importantly I found the process of writing every day hard to fit around running a business, speaking at events, walking the dog etc! That’s why I sought out a ghostwriter. My main concern was that my book wouldn’t sound authentic, and might not be completed; but when Ginny agreed to a payment plan, I felt much more comfortable.

I chose Ginny to ghostwrite my book because as a UK speaker I wanted to have an English (rather than US) sensibility. In our initial conversations, she came across as very professional, and clearly cared about the outcome as much as I did. The first free strategy session really put my mind at rest, as well as her website and free how-to guides. I just felt I could trust her.

As we worked together, I enjoyed the regularity of the sessions and the fact we had a structure and set of issues we were going to cover each session. I also enjoyed the way Ginny pushed me to explain certain things, and challenged my thinking. I know this sounds a bit odd, but she was like a benign university tutor, cracking the whip when necessary so I got on and thought about stuff. She was also fun to be around, and I always looked forward to our sessions. I would never have managed it without her!

And now, I have a book, and it sounds like me! More importantly, I feel like I’m the one that’s written it, because Ginny took my ramblings and gave them a structure and coherence. I can’t wait to get it published. I’ve already got ideas for my next book, which I would love to write with Ginny as well.

ghostwriting client 

Ginny's background in marketing meant she understood the audience we wanted to talk to and was able to define a strategy for our book that would meet our objectives. She crafted a manuscript that gave our part-formed thoughts and ideas shape, in an informal and engaging style.

Ginny's common-sense publishing experience and professionalism also gave our project the discipline it needed - and we finally have a book out there in the world.

ghostwriting client 

As a Business Development Coach and Actress I’m pretty creative myself, however if we don’t delegate and outsource some things then we end up with way too much to do!

So I asked Ginny to write an ebook for me to use as part of my lead generation and I am extremely happy with it.

She took the ideas and material that I wanted to get across, and worded them with persuasiveness, accuracy and flow. The result is an ebook written in my voice, and which I am really excited about using to promote my business.

Ginny is excellent at structuring your ideas so that they’ll be easily digested by your ideal audience. Most people can write to some extent – but can they write something that is eminently readable and that helps your audience to achieve the learning you want for them and encourage them to take the next step with you? Ginny can.

Una Doyle, 
Business Development Coach at Creative Flow

We selected Ginny Carter to ghostwrite our book because we liked the voice of her blog about writing. The ideas she presented there offered a 'can do' common sense approach to developing long form content. Ginny is a great ghostwriter. She will get the words on the page on deadline, push you to really think about which ideas you want to share through your book, and help you communicate them in ways that readers can understand.

Ghostwriting client 

Praise from my coaching clients

Ginny Carter is an absolute dream to work with. She is smart, funny, articulate, and highly knowledgeable about the business book industry at all levels. Other book coaching programmes rely on pre-recorded calls and transcripts of answers to other clients’ questions, or interviews with people who have nothing to do with what you need. Ginny’s offerings are in an entirely different class.  Her coaching is personalized to the highest degree. She is structured, not rigid; firm about accountability, but flexible when life gets in the way of things; thorough but not obsessive. She is a marvellous, magical fusion of editor, cheerleader, mid-wife, and teacher. If you want to bring your work into the world on time and on budget, then Ginny Carter’s coaching is for you.

Moira Somers, 

I simply could not have completed my book in one year without Ginny’s expert guidance and the structure that she put into the process. Ginny was there to keep me accountable to deadlines, push me through mental blocks, and was generous with her encouraging comments. I found it incredibly useful to get her feedback, and she helped me gauge which details would be relevant to my readers.

As a first-time author, I learned a lot from her on how to structure a book, especially how to open and close a chapter, how to write introductions and conclusions, and how to pay attention to present vs past tense! I’m glad I started working with her right at the beginning.

I think if I had started on my own, I would have had to re-write a lot of work and re-think the book’s positioning. Even though we were geographically far apart, the method of communication between the video calls and the marked up comments were efficient and problem-free. Plus, it was fun to see her talk about the changes in English weather – from winter to summer – from here in the tropics!

Azran Osman-Rani, 
Speaker and Entrepreneur

I wouldn't say I had writers' block so much as execution block. How do I turn a bunch of notes, ideas, napkin scribbles and enthusiasm for a subject into a book? A book that can educate and hopefully entertain.

Ginny got me unstuck. She gave me guidance on how to make it a compelling read, and easy to consume. Then she politely prodded and encouraged me to make sure it got written. She's been there, done it, got the t-shirt, and has a wealth of experience and tips and tricks to create successful authors.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ginny and would jump at the chance to work with her again.

Martin Thompson,

I had already started writing my book when I first approached Ginny. I had worked on it for six months and it hadn’t felt right so I had taken the brave step to scrap what I had done and start all over again. Ginny was a great sounding board and listened to me well. Although I knew Ginny was a highly effective ghostwriter she understood I didn’t want that; I wanted to write my book myself. It was great to have someone to bounce ideas off and help me formulate a new plan and gain clarity on the way forwards.

As a writing coach Ginny is warm, supportive and encouraging. I am grateful for the help Ginny gave me. She helped me refocus and get back into writing mode and has been instrumental in helping me find 'my voice'.

Maureen Sharphouse, 
Coach and Speaker

I contacted Ginny after reading many of her blogs and articles on LinkedIn about how to write a book. I had been planning on writing my book for the previous 2 years but but hadn’t even got started. 10 months later and I have a first draft! Ginny has been an integral part of me getting to this stage. She has helped keep me focused and on track. She has helped me understand the different elements of writing a non-fiction book, and she has gently challenged me in order to bring out my best. If you are thinking of hiring a book coach to help you with writing your book, I can definitely recommend Ginny.

Lindy Irving, 
the Superhero Coach

I enjoyed working with Ginny as my confidence as a writer grew. I changed my style from academic to a less formal way of writing - this was my hardest challenge! I received so much more than a book from my coaching. I developed my business model, I had assistance with the writing of my seminar notes, blogs, guest articles and work around marketing my book. I would highly recommend Ginny to anyone I know who will like to write their book as they get so much more than a book at the end of the coaching sessions. Thank you.

Ruth Pearson, 
Business Coach at Listening to Your Voice

The VIP Intensive session I had with Ginny gave me so much clarity. Together we crystallised what my book is going to be about, and who it is to be written for. I have a passion for my subject, and Ginny helped me to get really clear on how I could turn this into a winning book. As a result of our session I can now visualise my book, which is the first step in starting to write it successfully.

Penny Haslam, 
Professional Speaker at Penny Haslam Ltd

Excellent, excellent, excellent Get Your Book Started Fast session with Ginny. By the end, my biggest realisation was that I’ve got many more business insights that I had initially realised, and that my book should be structured to reflect that. I have so much more confidence in getting on with it now. Before, I felt there was ‘something’ in it, but I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right. Now I’ve got a plan, which means the writing becomes the easy bit. I was a bit afraid of the writing before, because I could have written 20,000 words in the wrong direction, but now I know where I’m heading.

Patrick Smith, 
Joshua PR