Ghostwriting Services


Let Me Ghostwrite Your Business Book

A book changes how seriously your industry and clients take you. This alone can transform your business, so you know in your heart it’s a worthwhile venture.

But where on earth do you find the time to write a book? The good news is you don’t have to burn the midnight oil to get it done. You can do what many other business owners do and work with a ghostwriter.

You might feel nervous about me writing ‘as you’. But the thing is, my clients tell me I have a natural talent for writing in your voice: choosing your words as you would want them written, and with added clarity and persuasion. I take your ideas, your thoughts, and your vision, and turn them into your own readable and memorable book.

Your name is credited as the author and I stay firmly in the background, where I like it (yes, really).

There’s a lot that your book needs to do as well as be a good read:

  • Encourage your readers to take the action you want
  • Improve your readers’ lives
  • Encourage them to sign up to your email list or request to work with you

With my business and marketing background I can ghostwrite a business book for you which is structured to get you the results you want.