Book Completion


This is for you if you’ve written a draft of your business book but know it needs extensive work before it’s ready for publication. You may be too busy to spend any more time on it, have run out of enthusiasm, or just not be sure what needs to be done.

Either way, I can help. I can take your rough draft and turn it into an engaging and memorable book.

The process is similar to ghostwriting [link to ghostwriting page] in that I re-write your book at the same time as retaining your voice and the essence of your content. Where it differs is that instead of interviewing you to pull the book’s content out of your head, I use what you’ve already written as a basis for it.

This might mean adding in extra material which would come from research, or from talking with you about what you want to add. I’ll let you know what’s needed to make your book brilliant.

By doing this you’re giving your book the best chance of attracting positive attention from publishers and readers. No more frustration every time you see that unfinished Word document languishing on your hard drive – before long you’ll have a book that will turn you into the published author you deserve to be