2 ways to promote your book or businessI’ve had a couple of fascinating weeks trying new promotional techniques for my ghostwriting and book coaching business, and I wanted to share my experiences with you so you can learn from them as well. Perhaps you’re an author wanting new ways to get visibility for your book, or you’re a coach or expert wanting to get found online more effectively. This will help!

Promote your business book with podcast interviews

I’ve been lucky to be interviewed twice by the lovely Viv Oyolu recently, for her Author Radio Show podcast series. The first interview offered our listeners the chance to learn how to pick the killer idea for their business book, and the second interview (recorded this week) was based on three writing related articles which caught my eye. I really loved the second of these interview formats as it gave me the chance to look at what I do from a fresh angle and develop my thoughts in a fun and conversational way.

So why did I do the interviews? Well, not only were they thought provoking and entertaining but they’re an excellent way for me to build up my visibility online.

In the first interview I offered a free giveaway related to the subject matter of the interview (a flowchart to help authors pick the best idea for their book), which worked well as a list building tool. In fact if you’d like the freebie yourself you can download it here (I’m nice like that).

And the second interview was a way for me to reinforce my online presence as an expert in my field of authorship.

Listen to my first interview on Soundcloud here and my second interview on Soundcloud here.

If you’re new to the world of podcasting, it’s normal to feel a little uneasy about voicing your thoughts while being recorded. If you’d like to learn more about using audio to promote your book or your business, Viv’s just published a really excellent book on the subject. Here’s a link to it if you’re interested: How to use podcasts to promote your book: A quick guide for authors and writers

In terms of results, it’s early days, but in her book Viv has given me lots of ideas for re-purposing my interviews. So not only will they help me to be more visible online, but I can also use them as bonuses, get them transcribed for a blog post, and so on. I’ve had some email sign ups already too.

And how did Viv and I meet? In a Facebook group and then on Twitter. They really are the best places to meet your potential podcast interviewers!

Promote your business book with a Twitter chat

I’ve long been a big Twitter fan – you can find me at @_GinnyCarter – do come and say hello! But although I’d heard about Twitter chats, and had taken part in some, I’d never been asked to be a guest expert on one before. So I was delighted to say a big Yes when the online publishing site BookBaby asked me to be their book marketing and writing expert on their monthly chat #BBchat.

In case you’re not sure what a Twitter chat is, it’s just a time limited (usually an hour) conversation on Twitter using a specific hashtag. So in this case, BookBaby hosted the chat via their own Twitter handle, and I answered their questions – and those from other people taking part in the chat – using the #BBchat hashtag. If you set up a Twitter search using a hashtag, you can see the conversation in one stream, but I can highly recommend the free tool TChat as it helps you to keep track of the chat hashtag more easily in real time.

Of course with BookBaby being in the US I was up until 10pm in the UK on the chat, but it was well worth the effort. I met some lovely, enthusiastic authors and I was reminded of how refreshing it can be to be challenged and asked questions by people I’ve not met before. As we’d agreed the questions ahead of time, it gave me the opportunity to work out some 140 character answers which would be helpful for as many people as possible.

So what was in it for me? I got great new visibility on Twitter, made some new connections, and got promoted on the BookBaby blog along with their email newsletter which has a ton of subscribers. As well as having my assumptions challenged and new ideas implanted in my brain, which is never a bad thing :)

And how did I get invited by BookBaby onto their chat? I did a couple of guest blog posts for them and offered to get involved with anything else they had going on. It really was as simple as that. Sometimes just asking is the best policy!

I hope these examples of mine have given you some inspiration for how to promote your book and business. If you feel a bit stuck they may give you ideas, and if you’ve already taken part in these activities then please do tell me what you’ve got from them. I’d love to learn more.



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