business book ghostwriter business book coach

business book ghostwriter business book coach

Why do entrepreneurs and experts write business books?

I mean really, why do it? It’s not as if it doesn’t take commitment.

The business benefits are obvious: more credibility, increased visibility, and the ability to call yourself an author. Heck, even to earn some royalties.

But in my experience of working with clients as a business book ghostwriter and book coach, I find there’s usually more to it. And that sometimes the ‘hidden extras’ don’t manifest themselves until some way into the process.

How helpful would it be, I thought, to bring these into the light at the beginning, as an added motivation to get your thoughts and memories into a compelling book.

So aside from the hard ROI of a business book, what else do you get out of the process?

Time to think

It’s not often we allow ourselves the luxury of stepping back from our day-to-day work to see it with fresh eyes, is it? It’s like when you look out a plane window as you take off for your holiday – suddenly you have a new perspective on where you live. And it’s this additional angle you need when planning your book.

If your book is a how-to guide, you’ll need to unpick the steps to take your reader on, so they get the result which comes to you instinctively but which they need help with.

If you’re writing a thought-leading book on a particular topic, you’ll need to analyse your viewpoints so they can be presented in a way that inspires and delights your readers.

And if it’s a memoir you’re creating, you need to pick and choose the elements of your story that will inspire and entertain your readers, and also explain the lessons you learned.

It’s surprising what you discover about your own thinking and work processes when you take the time to view them from your readers’ perspectives. Some authors feel this is worth it in its own right.

Time to feel

Many of my ghostwriting clients say they find ‘letting it all out’ extremely therapeutic. There’s something about talking or writing about your experiences that helps them to make sense. Disparate events join up to make a coherent whole, and insignificant details now seem more meaningful. This can be profoundly satisfying.

There’s also a  more ego-driven satisfaction to be gained. When you’re able to create a full-length book filled with what you know, that’s a pretty good feeling.

Time to leave a legacy

Once you’ve published your business book, nobody can take it away from you. Your thoughts and ideas are there, in black and white, for as long as you want them to be.

You’ll always be able to show you were the first to develop a particular process, or to explain a certain point in a specific way.

You’ll always have that book to hand when you want to convince anyone you know your stuff.

And you’ll always be the one who ‘wrote the book on it’.

What’s your business book reason?

Which of these is the main motivator for you? Which lights your spark and makes you smile (or even hold your breath with anticipation)?

What’s more, why spoil the experience by struggling alone with your book? If you want the beautiful feelings that come with becoming an author without the pain of writing it, a ghostwriter is what you need. Another option is to work with a book coach to make the load lighter.

Whether you go it alone or get some help, the benefits you receive from authoring a book go way beyond the obvious.

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