business book ghostwriter business book coach

business book ghostwriter business book coach

If you’re an expert in your field and are thinking about writing a book about it, you may have considered hiring a business book ghostwriter to help you.

And you’ll probably know that a ghostwriter can write your book in your voice, using your thoughts, opinions, ideas, and stories to create a compelling read that will shine the spotlight on your expertise.

What you might not realise, however, is how much else an experienced ghostwriter can help with. It’s like when you buy a car and get breakdown assistance and servicing thrown in – the extras give you a far greater return on your investment. With ghostwriting it’s not just typing the chapters, you know!

However, in my experience many business owners don’t know what those added value elements are. Which is a shame, because if they’re not on your radar you won’t be on the lookout for a ghost who can deliver them.

So what are these hidden extras a quality ghostwriter will include as a given? There are five, and here they are.

A ghostwriter will be a planning supremo

You don’t have to do the outlining for your book all by yourself, in fact it’s better if you don’t. An experienced ghostwriter will be adept at working closely with you to decide who your book is for, what your key message in it should be, and how these elements will promote your expertise.

They’ll then discuss the content you want to include, breaking it down into logical steps which eventually become a table of contents. Having someone who knows what they’re doing to create this can be a huge relief if you’re struggling to organise your thoughts into a system your readers will understand.

And a book that’s written with your business in mind, by (in my case) an experienced business person in their own right, is more likely to deliver the ROI that makes it worthwhile.

A ghostwriter will hold up a mirror

We all find it hard to be completely objective about our expertise – we live and breathe it every day.

Here’s where a ghostwriter comes in. When you spend time unloading the contents of your head to someone who’s discerning and attentive, you’ll be amazed at what you learn about yourself. I’ve had authors discover they knew stuff they never realised, or remember achievements they’d forgotten all about. Sometimes I’ll point out that one of their ideas is original and unique, but because it had been swilling around in their mind for so long they’d written it off as old hat.

It’s amazing to think creating your book could be a self-development journey on top of everything else.

A ghostwriter will organise your thoughts

If I was to ask you to explain what you thought about a particular topic, you’d probably come up with many interesting ideas and opinions.

Then you’d circle back and add some more thoughts to the first one.

And after that you’d mention a story or two to back up your points.

Then maybe another idea would be thrown into the mix.

You get the picture. We tend to think in a stream of consciousness rather than in a logical set of steps, and for a ghostwriter that’s fine. We’re adept at taking your ‘muddle’ and chunking it up so it’s in the right order. There’s no need for you to worry about doing it yourself.

A ghostwriter can help you find a publisher

We ghostwriters work with one foot in the publishing industry and one foot in the writing world, so we know the options inside out.

Want to self publish? We can advise on what suppliers and strategies to use.

Want to hybrid publish? We can explain what this is and why it might be the option for you, as well as point you in the direction of trusted publishing partners.

Want to publish traditionally? We can ghostwrite your proposal for you and send it to our contacts in the industry. While there’s no guarantee of success, you’re more likely to gain the attention of a commissioning editor or agent if the proposal comes from someone they know and trust.

A ghostwriter can help you sell your book

With a business marketing and social media background of my own, I’ve found this is one of the most valuable extras I offer my clients. Prior to ghostwriting I worked in marketing for 18 years and in social media management for 2, so I know how to advise my authors on promoting their books.

It goes further than this, though. An experienced ghostwriter can write your book so it supports your business within the text, as well as making it easier to sell. There are specific ways of doing this, and it’s a question of choosing the right ones and writing them in the most appropriate way.

After all, there’s no point in you having a wonderful manuscript but no idea how to publish or sell it, is there? No ghostwriter wants that to happen – they’d love for the book to be a success just as much as you do.

Your book isn’t just a book, it’s the tool that will promote you as the expert in your field. You should work with a ghostwriter who can deliver these added benefits so you can make the most of every aspect of it.

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