Proof that the business book ripple effect really works, business book ghostwriting, business book coaching

Proof that the business book ripple effect really works, business book ghostwriting, business book coaching,

The penny has dropped. The eagle has landed. The mission has been accepted (ok, I’m running out of cliches here). What I’m getting at is, I finally know why I write books, and help other people to write theirs. It’s to inspire and enlighten the world.

Am I getting a bit too big for my boots, you may be asking? Hell, no. What authors do is IMPORTANT.

When you’re sitting at your desk, typing away, you can feel small. Your book might seem insignificant, especially if it’s far from finished. ‘It’s only going to be read by x number of people’, you may think; or ‘What’s the point?’; or the author’s nemesis on at the editing stage, ‘Who wrote this sh*t?’

Aargh! This is so not true. And I’m going to prove it to you.

Book ripples and how they work

Let’s consider your book’s ripple effect. Who will your book have an effect on, once it’s published and out there?

First of all, there’s you, the author. What will your book do for you and your business? It’ll transform it, that’s what. You’ll feel more confident, clear and expansive once you’re a published author, with the ability to attract more, and better, clients.

Which means you’ll be able to help more people, earn more money, and provide for your family’s future more effectively.

And this is just for starters.

Now let’s move onto your readers. You have a big message you’re putting out into the world. What effect will it have on them? If your desire is to help people (lead better lives, work more effectively, be happier – whatever it is you do), then your words will have a massive impact on them.

Think about the last book you read which changed your world. What was it? At the moment, I’m reading Graham Allcott’s How to be a Productivity Ninja: Worry Less, Achieve More and Love What You Do – fabulous! My email inbox is now at zero and I feel so much more in control of my work. Another book that’s had an effect me emotionally is Gay Hendricks’ The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level. I can now recognise the moments when I’m blocking myself from being more ambitious, and sabotaging my chances of success. This is huge!

Let’s spread those ripples more widely. Think about your readers and who their lives impact on. How about:

  • the people they live with
  • the people they love
  • the people they work with
  • the people they help (through their work)
  • everyone they connect with

It’s a good moment here for an example. My hubby Greg is (by his own admission) not the most organised person. Last night, inspired by Graham Allcott’s book above, I was able to give him a few pointers about how he could manage his time more effectively. So now I’ve spread that ripple a little bit further. If he takes my advice (you can see I’m an optimist), he’ll become more efficient with what he does, which will enable him to help more people in his work. So not only am I able to get more done, which means working with more fabulous authors like you, I’ve helped someone else to be more productive as well.

Your very own author light bulb moment

To be honest, I didn’t really ‘get’ this ripple effect thing until my Mastermind retreat last week. ‘Woowoo’ is so not my thing. But after an ‘in flow’ exercise in which we accessed our highest vision for our business, I was convinced that understand the enormous power of what we do is essential in our work.

I learned that what I do in ghostwriting business books, and coaching other business leaders to write their own, is to enlighten the world. Yes, really! Step by step, book by book, I’m helping my clients to unleash the inspirational power of well written books into the world. Wow.

Your book is your own tool for education, inspiration and motivation. Why not take a moment to write down the ripple effect you’ll be creating once it’s out there? First you, then your business, then your readers, and then all the people they will influence as a result of reading it. The ripples never end.

And if you’re not sure about how to get started with writing the book that will transform your business, download my free guide How to Stand Out as an Expert With Your Own Book.



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