I’m going to surprise you. Did you know it’s estimated that 50% of non-fiction bestseller books are written by ghostwriters, and that when a major celebrity or politician is involved, that figure can rise to near 100%? When you think about it, it makes sense. When someone’s capable of earning good money doing the thing they’re brilliant at, they’re hardly going to want to put their life and work on hold for three months or more to write a book, are they? No, they let a ghostwriter take care of that.

‘So what’s that got to do with me?’ I hear you muttering. ‘I’m hardly Alex Ferguson or Tony Robbins, why would I want a ghostwriter?’

Because you want to be come a celebrity too, don’t you? OK not necessarily a global superstar, but a business celebrity. The go-to person for what you do, the expert who gets asked to speak at events (and gets paid for it), the coach who has clients lining up to pay premium prices for their programme, the author who gets quoted in other peoples’ books and blogs. What would that feel like?

So how can a ghostwriter help you get there? It’s pretty simple really:

Your business book will be well crafted and written

Some people are naturally gifted at writing and enjoy it; they should definitely write their own books if they want to. And yes, you can write too. But a whole book? And make it interesting, persuasive and clear?

If the thought of writing a book doesn’t fill you with pleasure and excitement (the kind that actually results in it happening) then why not hand over the task to a professional? After all, you already outsource some of your other specialist tasks – I’m sure you have an accountant, a web designer, and a virtual assistant. I know I’d never do my own accounts, not because I can’t but because it would take me hours of frustrating effort only to have that nagging doubt I’ve made some monumental mistake in column 2.

When it comes to promoting your book, you want to be confident it’s the best it can be. I know how wonderful it is to hand over all my figures to my numbers woman and let her do the crunching, trusting her to do a great job. A ghostwriter can give you that same feeling.

It will save you time (LOTS of it)

In fact I reckon a ghostwriter actually SAVES you money.

How’s that? If you factor in the months of planning, drafting and editing that a book entails, what else could you be doing with that time and – just as importantly – mental energy? Helping more people, speaking at more events, coaching more clients, developing your online training programme (the one that your book will sell, if only you had the time to create it in). In other words, activities that earn you an income, and which your business book, once it’s out there, will help to skyrocket to a new level.

And you won’t be up at 5 am every morning pounding your keyboard, with your partner getting grumpy at that beeping alarm clock just so you can write that damn book again. It’ll be someone else’s job to do that instead. Sweet!

Your business book will actually happen

You know your book will get written eventually, you just have to set aside more time for it and prioritise. But first things first, you need to fulfil that speaking engagement you promised to do, which means preparing your slides. Then you’ve got client coaching calls all day tomorrow. So how about Friday – yes, you’ll write chapter 3 on Friday. Oh hang on, it’s your son’s birthday and you’ve promised you’ll take him out for the afternoon. Maybe on the weekend …

And so it goes on. Drafts stay unfinished, or even worse, lodge in your head. How are you going to feel when your closest competitor comes out with a book, and you know yours would have been better?

Fear not, a ghostwriter will make sure your book is finished. In fact, if you’re the kind of person who loves starting things but gets bored half way through implementing them (go on, admit it), then handing over your book writing to someone who’s being paid to get it done – there’s really nothing like it. What a relief.

You’re more likely to get a publishing deal

Publishers love ghostwriters. Why’s that? Because:

a) They know the book will get written to their deadline

b) It will be a great read

You may be intending to self-publish your book, which is fine (and many ghostwriters have contacts with partner publishing companies who they can recommend) – but even then, a ghostwriter can smooth your journey. In fact, I’m ghostwriting a book right now for an author who came to me via a self-publishing company.

And if you’re chasing that elusive dream publishing deal, you can make yourself stand out from the crowd with the assurance that a ghostwriter is crafting a clear, persuasive and engaging book that will stand every chance of selling well.

So that’s why coaches, speakers and experts work with ghostwriters on their business books. It’s because they know there’s someone out there who can do it more quickly, and more professionally, than them. If you want to understand more about how a ghostwriter works, see this.

If you’ve been inspired to think about hiring a ghostwriter as a result of this, I offer a free half hour Author Maker Strategy Session to you if you’re serious about becoming an author. There’s no hard sell in this call, just you and me on the phone talking about your ideas and laying out a plan for how you can achieve them. I don’t offer a session to everyone who applies, only those I know I can help in the session, so apply here today.

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