business book ghostwriter business book coach

business book ghostwriter business book coach

Getting started with your business book can go one of two ways.

You’re so excited the words pour out of you.

Or, you stare for hours at the screen and nothing happens.

And even if you’re in the ‘pouring’ camp, you’ll find yourself drying up at some point because that lovely flow isn’t usually sustainable. That’s when writing your book can become a drag. So then what do you do?

Here’s the solution.

You remember that writing a book for your business is about more than just the book itself, it’s about what you learn and develop while you’re doing it.

The thing that changed everything for me

I’m a business book ghostwriter and book coach. That means I spend my time writing or reading other people’s books, not  my own. But recently I’ve been writing my own book about … how to write and promote a business book.

So I’m learning a thing or two about how to keep myself motivated when my book is for me, rather than for someone else. (You’d think it would be easier, but trust me it’s not).

I want to share with you the one thing which, when I realised it, changed everything for me. It was one of those concepts I grasped intellectually, but for some reason it was only hearing it from someone else’s lips that helped me understand it.

I was listening to The Extraordinary Business Book Club Podcast in which host Alison Jones was interviewing best selling author and business expert Daniel Priestley. In it he said:

‘In the process of writing a book, you’re mining deep for your ideas in your intellectual property, so even if you never sold any books, or published the book, it would still be a worthwhile activity because in the process of writing you get very clear on your case studies, your stories, your methodologies. Frameworks come out. All of that intellectual property comes out during the writing process. … It’s a process that allows you to reflect upon what you know, and formalise what you know into a document, and then that content becomes blogs, articles, workshop materials.’

So what does this have to do with motivating you to write your business book?

It’s this: writing a book is an unparalleled way to develop a deeper understanding of what you do. It clarifies your thinking, it encourages you to find a way to explain it so everyone can understand it, and it’s a brilliant stimulator of ideas and insights.

In other words, if you approach your book with a spirit of curiosity, it’s much easier to enjoy writing it.

Once I got my head around the idea that it would be a worthwhile task in its own right, I couldn’t wait to start planning and writing my book.

What’s the hidden bonus of writing your business book?

Let’s take a look at what you get out of writing a business book, even before you hit ‘publish’. You might:

  • Work out what makes you special and different
  • Clarify your ideas
  • Create ordered thoughts out of chaos
  • Learn how to convey your thinking clearly and persuasively in writing
  • Come up with new ways to help people
  • Develop fresh frameworks and methodologies
  • Be stimulated to come up with content for other content platforms such as your blog, online programmes, and talks
  • Develop relationships with influencers who’ve contributed to your book
  • Chase up case studies and testimonials
  • Develop and record stories to illustrate your points, which you can use in your speaking and in other ways

I could go on. Writing a book is a fascinating journey. You’ll learn more about yourself and your business doing this than through virtually any other activity, and if you can approach it with a sense of purpose and curiosity there’s no end to the satisfaction you can have.

The value is not only in the end result, but in the process itself.

By the way, this still stands even if you’re having your book ghostwritten. It’s the thinking that gives you that extra bonus, not just the writing itself.

So here’s to the hidden bonus in creating your business book. If you’d like to discover what yours might be, apply for a free half hour Strategy Session with me here.

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