The best new way for business authors to get in the spotlight, online summits, business book writing, business book marketing

The best new way for business authors to get in the spotlight, business book marketing, business book writing, online summit speaking

Now hold onto your hosses, because it might be a bit of a shock for you to hear me say this. But as an established coach or speaker, if your plan is to elevate yourself as the go-to expert in your niche, having a book isn’t enough on its own.

I know, I know, I talk about how vital being an author is to achieve expert status, and this still stands. But to soar above your competitors, your parachute has to have more than one colour (to paraphrase a famous book title).

Being seen as the expert: let’s brainstorm a few ways you can do this

Here are my favourites:

  • Writing a compelling and thought-leading blog
  • Building a sizeable email list, and communicating with it regularly with useful content
  • Building relationships with influencers in your field, and setting up joint ventures
  • Being helpful and knowledgeable on social media
  • Speaking at industry events

But there’s an interesting item missing from this list, which you’ll have noticed is growing in popularity exponentially right now. What is it?

It’s speaking on online summits, thereby positioning yourself as a go-to authority. And it can link in with promoting your book beautifully (as I’ll explain).

I’m sure you know what online summits are, by the way. They’re online conferences hosted around a specific topic, pulling in guest speakers in separate interviews. Some summits have as many as 25 speakers, others as few as 10; the average seems to be around 15-20.

The reason I’ve picked on this right now, is because I’m speaking on not one, but two fabulous online summits this month, so the experience I’ve gained is fresh in my mind. I’m sharing with you what I’ve learned as a speaker, so you can go and kick ass in the same way.

These are those two summits, and as a budding author, I definitely recommend you get signed up:

The Reach More Readers book marketing summit: 6th – 30th October (you can listen to the replays if you sign up, so it’s  not too late). Learn from 16 international book marketing experts, and get your book out there in a big way.

The World Changing Writers online summit: 26th – 28th October (replays are also available at a special discount if you sign up here before 26th October). Discover how to write your own ground breaking book by listening to 18 world class experts. As well as me, even Michael E Gerber of The E-Myth is speaking – what’s not to like?!

So why are online summits so important for book promotion?

Here’s a spine-tingling bunch of reasons: they give you a free platform to express yourself as an expert; you gain credibility through your association with the other speakers; they allow you to build your email list and sell your book (if you do it right); and you gain speaking experience and exposure.

All without leaving your comfy desk!

So what are you waiting for – if you’re not on one, why not? From talking to various experts and experts, and from my own experience, it mainly comes down to this: feeling that icky sensation that comes with not knowing how to be interviewed and make the best of it, and not being aware of how to get involved. Read on …

But first, what’s this got to do with your business book?

It’s this. If you’ve got a book to promote, you can do this subtly in your summit interview. You can also include a link to it in your speaker notes, if the organiser allows.

But most importantly, you can also base your talk around your book’s topic, cleverly reinforcing the expertise you’re already establishing via your book. Now your book is really shining its light far and wide!

And if you’ve not yet written your book, that’s fine. You can still mention it during your interview, and in your bio describe yourself as ‘author of the forthcoming book xxx’. See? You get the credibility either way!

What’s more, now you’ve put your grand plans out there, you’ll be sure to finish that book now :)

Doing your author thing on a summit, the effective way

As a summit speaker, you’ll want to be talking to the kind of people you would want on your list. In my case, I’m speaking on two summits aimed at business authors, which is perfect for me. What would work for you? As an established coach or speaker, you know your specific audience, so choose wisely.

You can search for summits via Google and Twitter using relevant keywords, or (and this is a bonus tip), invite yourself onto one that you see being promoted as coming up. Don’t assume all the slots are full; they may be happy to add in someone with your expertise. In fact, that’s how I got involved in one of the summits I mentioned above.

Next, suggest a topic to the organiser. It’s important to base this on an area in which you can add true value, and which links in with your book. However, you’ll also need to take on board the overall theme of the summit, and the organiser’s requirements. A bit of creativity on your part may be needed here. For instance, I know a lot about book marketing because of the combination of my experience as a ghostwriter and writing coach, and my own marketing background; however, in my work I don’t focus exclusively on the book marketing niche. So for the book marketing summit I’m speaking at, I suggested a topic which combined book marketing with writing your book – this works for both me and the summit as a whole.

The organiser may suggest you submit questions you’d like to answer – perfect! Now you can tailor the interview to your heart’s content.

And here’s your second bonus tip: don’t forget to make sure you’re getting what you want out of it. What would that be?

  • Sales of your book? Include a link to your book in your bio.
  • Sign ups to your list? Include a link to your lead magnet in your bio, and make sure it’s relevant to the topic of your interview.

Different hosts will have different policies on this area. Some will actively mention your giveaway or book in the interview, others may leave it to the summary sheet or link beside your interview recording – just check what’s ok with them.

If you’re feeling like you could do with some help on how to handle summit interviews, so both you and your audience get the best out of them, here’s a free training you’ll find incredibly useful (I did). *

And then, promote the hell out of your summit interview!

In the run up to the summit, you’ll want to make as much of your audience as possible aware of it so they sign up. This is partly because it’s great to get as many eyeballs as possible on your interview (and thereby sell more of your book, or sign up more people to your list), but also because simply talking about being on a summit gives you massive expert credibility. People don’t even need to see your summit to know you’re a top expert for doing it. Not everyone gets invited to speak on a summit, you know ;)

Plus, the more people you get signed up to it, the more likely you are to be invited back next year.

Here’s the big picture on building your expert authority with your book: How to Stand Out as an Expert With Your Own Book.

Have you spoken on an online summit? What experience did you have? Do you think they’re the next big thing, or overblown hype? Let me know in the comments below!

*Although the training is free, the link is an affiliate one. If you’d like to bypass that, go here.


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