The Real Reason You're Not Writing Your Business BookI talk to a lot of budding business authors in my job – it’s one of my pleasures. I never cease to be thrilled by how many experts and speakers there are out there, who are inspired to create a whole book out of their knowledge and insights.

But do you know what I also often find? Those very same business people, who are so great at what they do, and who know they need a book to separate themselves from their competitors, often put off the writing of it. They have a shed load of great sounding reasons – not enough time right now, waiting until they’ve got that project done, meditating on the best idea for it – but they’re all obstacles that will be there at any point in time.

There’s never a ‘right time’ to write a book, just as there’s never the ‘right time’ to have a baby. Both involve a long gestation period and will never seem to make sense at this very moment. But in a few months, your life will be enhanced in an amazing way …

And maybe that’s the problem. Becoming a published author really is a life-changing event – your profile soars, people seek you out, and you gain the trust and respect of potential clients who might not have even noticed you before. Are you ready for that?

You are? Good.

You’re not sure? Then here are my tips for getting into the mindset of a successful author.

What does a successful author look like to you?

You’ve probably never asked yourself this before, but can you envisage yourself and your life after you’ve brought your book out? What will change? What will stay the same?

You’ll still be you of course! But your opportunities will have expanded, you’ll have more credibility, and more people will turn to you for help. You’d be forgiven for finding this a little scary as well as exciting, and that’s ok.

How comfortable are you with your book?

By that I mean, do you feel confident in it? If you’ve got niggling doubts about whether or not you’ve done a fantastic job with the writing, the structure, or even the strategy behind it, that will inhibit you from finishing it. Especially if you’ve already written it and are feeling a bit shy with marketing. Your worries may be unfounded, but it never does any harm to get a second opinion. That way, you’ll clear out the bugbears which are holding you back.

Give yourself a talking to

Sometimes we just have to tell ourselves to get on with it, and push aside the doubts in the back of our mind. Think of a time when you felt really confident and on top of your game, and mentally bring that feeling over to your writing now. You can do this – you just need to … well … get on and do it.

For more tips on how to get into the right mindset for writing, see one of my most popular posts Who Am I to Write a Book?

Your biggest fear is often your biggest opportunity

Nowhere is this more relevant than when you’re writing a book. If there’s ‘something’ stopping you, please take a moment to work out what it is. I’ll bet when you ponder on why you’ve not started (or finished) your book, that old gremlin doubt will be the cause. If you’re not sure if you’ll be able to take advantage of the opportunities your book will bring bring you, or whether you can live up to it, that will stop you from completing the project.

What you’re afraid of is often a guide to what you really want deep down, but feel hesitant about admitting. Why not turn this around? Once your book is out there, you’ll still be helping people just like you always did. It’s just that you’ll be recognised much more widely for it than you were before. No-one can force you to charge more, or serve more clients, but you’d probably be a fool not to, wouldn’t you?

What’s your next step?

Take this as permission from me that you and your book can be huge! There’s nothing more exciting than stepping up onto your very own author podium, even if it feels a bit high up. But to do that, you have to have your book, which means writing it :)

Have you got something stopping you from writing your book? Do share below, and I’ll see if I can help.

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